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Three Key Technologies to Point Out to Your Clients

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In the second article in his series on technology consulting, Aaron Erickson, author of The Nomadic Developer, suggests discussing three popular technologies with your clients. If you're not bringing up these options with your clients, your competitors probably are!
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Technology contractors do a specific job for a specific rate of pay over time, but technology consultants go further. One way to differentiate a consultant from a contractor is that consultants offer clients advice about technologies they should have on their horizon. This article considers how you, as a consultant, can help your clients to plan for the future—and, in turn, help to make your services indispensable.

When applied appropriately, the three key technologies I discuss in this article can help your clients to reduce cost, reduce risk, and capitalize on new market opportunities. All three of these technologies are usable today—and should probably be in your clients' plans for the next 2–5 years.

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