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Improving Photos in iPhoto

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Brad Miser walks you through how iPhoto’s editing tools enable you to improve photos to correct problems or to make them better.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

One of the best things about using iPhoto is that you can improve the photos you take. Is something included in a picture that you’d rather not see? Just crop it out. Something seem off-kilter? Straighten a photo to make it look right. Do the subjects of a photo appear to have become demon-possessed? You don’t need an exorcist; a few clicks of the Red-eye tool will get them back to the light side. Want to apply your artistic creativity to some photos? With iPhoto, it’s no problemo.

iPhoto’s editing tools enable you to improve photos to correct problems or to make them better, more effective, and more enjoyable to look at. To edit a photo, you select it, and then put iPhoto into Edit mode. You can do this within the iPhoto window, or you can use full-screen editing.

When you edit within the iPhoto window, you see the Source list on the left as you normally do. At the top of the right part of the window, you see the photo browser, where thumbnails of photos you are editing appear. When you select a thumbnail, the photo appears in the largest part of the window, which is where you edit it. At the bottom of the right part of the window, you see iPhoto’s editing tools.

Editing Photos

No matter which specific editing tasks you want to do, you follow some common steps. These include selecting the photo you want to edit, moving into the Edit mode, zooming and navigating in the photo, editing it, and saving your changes. You need to perform these general steps when you perform the remainder of the tasks in this chapter.

  • circle-1.jpg Select Events, Photos, or an album containing the photos you want to edit.
  • circle-2.jpg Click the Edit button.
  • circle-3.jpg Browse the photos and select the one you want to edit.
  • circle-4.jpg If you are doing detailed editing (such as retouching), use the size slider to zoom in or out.
  • circle-5.jpg Drag the box in the Navigation window to focus on the area you want to edit.
  • circle-6.jpg Use the editing tools to edit the photo.
  • circle-7.jpg Click the Previous or Next button to move to the previous or next photo in the selected source to edit it.
  • circle-8.jpg Edit the next photo. Repeat until you’ve edited the photos in the selected source.
  • circle-9.jpg Click Done. end.jpg
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