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Chapter Summary and Conclusions

From the preceding discussion on collaboration for green IT, the following conclusions can be reached:

  • IT vendors have started to offer a significant set of integrated hardware, software, and services offerings to help customers improve their energy-management initiatives.
  • Industry organizations are establishing efficiency metrics at the server and data center level to integrate facilities and IT resources.
  • The EPA is establishing efficiency metrics at the server level as an extension to its ENERGY STAR workstation metrics.
  • Many IT companies are addressing the situation from end to end: at the servers end through power management features, and at the data centers end through integrated IT/facilities modular solutions.
  • The required collaboration for green IT is a part of the overall global collaboration required to solve the climate crisis.

Success for global green IT depends on the continued collaboration among groups within your company, among technology vendors, data center design and build businesses, energy utilities, governments, and organizations such as The Green Grid and the Uptime Institute. In short, almost everyone can collaborate on green IT, because almost everyone is a user of IT through PCs, the Internet, cell phones, and so on.

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