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Introduction to "Thank God It's Monday!"

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Roxanne Emmerich, the most in-demand transformation agent in the business world today, shares her time-tested approach to creating a workplace that you and your customers love.
This chapter is from the book


  • “Oh, great you say. A book about having fun at work. Whoop-de-rah.”

I’ve heard it all by now. Serious business people think that means going around with a lot of happy talk while painting smiley faces on everything. They couldn’t be more wrong.

In point of fact, fun is a byproduct of the approach I advocate. What you’re really after is to grow the business by being more efficient at what you do and being linked with your customers at a human and meaningful level, and that all can happen when you have a more motivated workplace. This means you need to have a workplace people enjoy, including your customers. Especially your customers.

This is a time-tested approach that many, many companies have used to get very real, surprisingly super-sized results. As a consultant I have had the privilege to partner in creating profound change for hundreds of companies. We repeatedly see significant shifts in growth and profits within six months! Many businesses double profits and size within three years. You can see a large sampling of testimonials at the front of the book. This predictable, repeatable process really works. It’s all I do, which makes me the right person to share this process and the real-life stories of people and businesses that have embraced it.

In the book, you’ll hear a lot of stories. I’ve changed the names to protect the guilty as well as the innocent. But the stories are all about real people. You may recognize some of the characters from where you work, the good as well as the bad. Stories work better than my showing you a lot of pie charts and graphs because the secret is all about people—you and your people and the people with whom you connect on a daily basis.

The most exciting part is that positive, measurable changes that really matter can begin in a single day. Mind you, it’s going to take some diligent follow-up as you roll out new standards and refresh your vision. But the best way for you to understand this is to read on.

—Roxanne Emmerich

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