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Increased Application Power

Cost savings represent just one form of benefit offered by cloud computing. Another important advantage is provided by economy of scale, which lets smaller organizations use the same high-powered applications traditionally reserved for larger organizations.

By taking advantage of the infrastructure provided by a cloud computing vendor, an organization can access better, cheaper, and more reliable applications than is generally possible within a single enterprise. The application can utilize the full resources of the cloud, if needed—without requiring a company to invest in similar physical resources.

This advantage is particularly important to smaller organizations that otherwise wouldn't have the budget or resources to develop large-scale applications. Let's face it—most small companies don't have the staff, resources, hardware, or budget to develop and maintain their own applications, or to deal with the rigors of maintaining secure environments. By moving those applications to the cloud, companies avoid investing in locally hosted systems, freeing their staff and resources to focus on the day-to-day running of the business.

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