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You have come a long way. You have identified your ideal career (and if you are in IT, your ideal IT career). You have answered a lot of questions.

In this article we discussed whether you will be fulfilled with this new career. Not just successful, but fulfilled, content, and satisfied. Tough hurdles to leap. But necessary ones.

The goal from the beginning of this series was to help you identify your ideal career- the one where you will be content or fulfilled and able to meet your obligations.

To help you accomplish this, in this article you looked at the top 10 questions that indicate whether the job/career you have in mind will offer you a sense of fulfillment and the top 5 strategies to lead you in your journey to professional fulfillment.

This is all very subjective, very personal, and very necessary. My hope is that you not only found the best career for you but also one in which you will be fulfilled for a very long time.

I hope many of you will continue to read along and share your thoughts and ideas with me through email at wyrostekw@msn.com or through http://www.3WsCertification.com and also through the comments sections provided by InformIT at the end of each article. I will gladly respond. Come back next time and let's look at the twelfth question, where we look at article 13: What Are You Waiting For? What Is Stopping You? (Lift Off and Enjoy the Ride!). The final article following this twelfth question will look at one last question along with my closing thoughts and conclusions.

We are almost finished. Two more installments to go. Are you ready to go to work? I know I am. Thanks for staying with me on this journey.

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