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How to Set Up Your Computer to Use a Network Printer

A network printer is often one that is attached to another computer on the network; that computer's user has shared the printer with other users on the network. Some network printers are attached directly to the network and are not on a computer at all. Either way, setting up your computer to print to a network printer requires that you know basically where on your network the printer is located. This means knowing the name of the computer the printer is attached to (if it is attached to a computer) or the name of the printer itself (if it is attached directly to a network) and maybe the workgroup that the computer or printer is part of.

Run the Add Printer Wizard

In the Printers and Faxes window, click the Add a Printer link to launch the Add Printer Wizard. Click Next to skip the Welcome page.

Figure 3.46

Choose Network Printer

On the fist page of the wizard, enable the A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer option.

Figure 3.47

Go to the Next Page

When you finish with the options on one wizard page, just click Next to go to the next page.

Figure 3.48

Find the Printer

If you know the exact name of the printer you want to connect to (including the network path to that printer), you can enter it in the Name text box. You can also connect to an Internet-based printer by entering its address in the URL box. If you don't know the name or address (which is usually the case), leave the Find a printer in the directory option selected and click Next to browse the network for the computer.

Figure 3.49

Choose the Printer

The Browse for Printer page of the wizard shows a hierarchical view of the workgroups and computers on your network. All shared printers are listed at the top. Choose the printer you want to set up and click Next.

Figure 3.50

Make It the Default Printer

If you want this new printer to be the default printer used by programs on your computer, click Yes. If you prefer to preserve an existing default printer, click No. Click Next to go on.

Figure 3.51

Finish the Installation

Review the configuration of your new printer. If you discover any problems or errors in the information shown here, click Back to go back through the steps of the installation. If you are satisfied with the information displayed, click Finish.

Figure 3.52

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