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Review Questions

  1. How does abstraction help the programmer to cope with complexity?

  2. Is the idea behind encapsulation confined to software design? Give an example from everyday life.

  3. What are the advantages of using encapsulation in software construction?

  4. Which two C# keywords are important for implementing encapsulation?

  5. What are the differences between a class and its objects?

  6. What is the significance of the class interface?

  7. How do you specify the beginning of a comment?

  8. Why use comments if the compiler ignores them?

  9. What are keywords and identifiers?

  10. How is a block specified in C#? What are blocks used for?

  11. Can you write a program without a Main method? Why or why not?

  12. What are the essential parts of a variable?

  13. What is a simple C# instruction called? How is it terminated?

  14. Which class and which method can you call in the .NET Framework class library to print text on the console? Write a statement that prints "My dog is brown."

  15. How is a method called? What happens when a method is called?

  16. What is an assignment? Which symbol is used to perform an assignment?

  17. What is the advantage of declaring variables?

  18. How can you make the program decide between two paths of execution?

  19. What is whitespace? Does the compiler care much about whitespace?

  20. Do all programmers have to follow the same style to write valid C# programs?

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