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Showing Your Friends Off

The “Top Friends” section is one of the most prized spots of real estate on a MySpace page. Most members use this page to show off their favorite eight (or sometimes more) friends. Naturally, for your MySpace marketing needs, you’ll want to display some relevant profiles here. This can be a bit tricky because if your Top Friends are too appealing, you might lose traffic to them. One option is to set up additional MySpace profiles in line with your main demographic. Be careful, though, because making extra profiles can violate the MySpace terms of service. If possible, fill this section with other members of your company. If you are a band, display individual members’ profiles here. You can also hide this section by using the following code. Simply add it to one of the sections in the profile editor to activate the code and hide this box completely:


You can also generate traffic from the “Top Friends” section of other MySpace pages. To do this, simply encourage your existing friends to include your profile in their Top Friends. You’ll find that many will be happy to do this. However, if you are not receiving much response to your request, you can add some incentive. In the past I have used everything from giveaways to coupons to entice my friends to respond. Many MySpace users with high friend counts will even sell you a spot in their Top 8. Of course, this may also violate the MySpace terms of service, but it’s a great way to give your page additional exposure.

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