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Secrets of the Windows Masters: Inside Information About Your Files

Longtime Windows users know to inspect the properties of a file for details about its name, size, and date created. But Windows Me adds some interesting new fields for storing information about files. These settings can be found on a Summary tab, available for any file format that supports these extra details. Image files get yet another tab, which previews the file and displays information about its format and the image itself.

Figure 3.24 shows the Image tab for a multipage TIFF file, commonly used to send and receive faxes in fax software. As you can see, this tab makes it convenient to view each page of the file without having to open it in an application.

Figure 3.24 For many common image formats, Windows Me adds this tab, which lets you preview the image. In multipage TIFF files such as this one, you can scroll through each page.

Don't be fooled by the Summary tab. Although you can enter information in this tab from an Explorer window, Windows will not store these details with the file. If you have Office 2000, however, you can add, view, and edit Summary details from an Explorer window.

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