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Creating a Yearly Calendar

You can create a yearly calendar by including the output of month.jsp twelve times to represent each month of the year. You can specify the month by passing the month and year parameters to the included page as shown in Listing 3.12. Figure 3.10 shows how the yearly calendar would look for the year 2000.

Figure 3.10 The Year Calendar for 2000 generated using year.jsp

Listing 3.12 year.jsp: Including the Output of the smallmonth JSP for Displaying the Year's Calendar

 for (int i = 0; i < 12; i++) {
 if (i%3 == 0)

 <jsp:include page="smallmonth.jsp" flush="true">
 <jsp:param name="month" value="<%= i %>"/>
 <jsp:param name="year" value="2000"/> 
 if (i%3+1 == 0)
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