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Changing the Perspective Angle in 3D Space

adobe-expert.jpg FL 2.3

The Perspective Angle (New!) affects the size and view of 3D movie clips on the Stage. It’s like zooming in and out with a camera lens, which changes the angle of view through the lens. When you increase the angle, 3D objects appear closer to the viewer. When you decrease the angle, 3D objects appear further away. The default angle is 55 degrees of view, which is like a normal camera lens. You can adjust the value from 1 degree to 180 degrees. You can control only one viewpoint, or camera. Each Flash file has only one Perspective Angle.

Change Perspective Angle in 3D Space

  1. Select the 3D movie clip instance on the Stage that you want to change.
  2. Click the Window menu, and then click Properties to open the Property Inspector.
  3. Enter a new value in the Perspective Angle box or drag the hot text to change the value in the Property Inspector.

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