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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating a Customized User Interface

Photoshop’s pull-down menus actually contain hundreds of options (yes, I did say hundreds). If you find navigating through menus a hassle, then Adobe has the answer to your problem with a customizable user interface. In Photoshop, you have the ability to choose what menu items appear on the pull-down menus and you can even colorize certain menu items for easier visibility. For example, if you’re curious about all the new features in Photoshop CS4, you can choose a drop-down menu system with all the new features highlighted. Photoshop includes nine predefined user interface sets, known as workspaces, just to get you started in the right direction. You can access these workspaces’such as Essentials, Basic, and What—s New in CS4’by using the Workspace menu (New!) on the Application bar or Workspace sub-menu on the Window menu.

Use a Predefined User Interface

  • yellow_circle-01.jpg Click the Window menu, and then point to Workspace.
  • yellow_circle-02.jpg Click one of the predefined sets, such as: Automation, Web, Painting, or What’s New in CS4.
  • yellow_circle-03.jpg If prompted, click Yes to apply the changes.

    The Photoshop menus will now display with highlighted options based on your selection.

Create a Customized User Interface

  • yellow_circle-01.jpg Click the Window menu, point to Workspace, and then click Keyboard Shortcuts & Menus.
  • yellow_circle-02.jpg Click the Menus tab.
  • yellow_circle-03.jpg To create a new set based on the current active set, click the Create New Set button, enter a name, and then click Save.
  • yellow_circle-04.jpg Click the Set list arrow, and then select a listing of modified User Interfaces.
  • yellow_circle-05.jpg Click the Menu For list arrow, and then click Application Menus or Panel Menus with the items you want to modify.
  • yellow_circle-06.jpg Click an arrow (left column) to expand the menu that contains the command you want to modify.
  • yellow_circle-07.jpg Click the Visibility icon associated with a command to show or hide the command.
  • yellow_circle-08.jpg Click the Color list arrow, and select a color for the selected command.
  • yellow_circle-09.jpg Click the Save All Changes button to save the new customized User Interface.
  • yellow_circle-10.jpg Click OK.
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