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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Working with Panels

Panels are windows that allow you to view, organize, and change elements and related options in a document. In Flash, you work with several panel windows at one time. Instead of continually moving, resizing, or opening and closing windows, you can collapse or expand individual panels within a window with a single click to save space. A panel appears with a header, which includes the tab titles and three accessibility options: the Minimize/Maximize button, the Close button, and an Options menu. The entire set of panels includes a double arrow you can use the collapse and expand the entire panel between icons with text and full panels. You use the Minimize/Maximize button to collapse or expand panels. The Options menu provides you with panel specific commands, including group, rename, maximize, close a panel, and use the Help system.

Open and Close a Panel

  1. Click the Window menu.
  2. Click a panel name, such as Properties, Files, History, or CSS Styles.

Collapse and Expand a Panel

  1. To collapse or expand an open panel, click the header bar or double-click the title tab on the header bar of the panel.

Use the Panel Options Menu

  1. Open or expand a panel.
  2. Click the Options menu on the right side of the panel header bar.
  3. Click a command from the list (commands vary). Common commands include:
    • Help. Accesses Flash Help.
    • Close. Closes the currently displayed tab in the panel.
    • Close Group. Closes all the tabs in the panel.
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