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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Working with the Grid and Guides

Dreamweaver comes with guides, grids, and rulers to help you lay out artwork and objects with precision. A grid is a series of crisscrossed lines that aid in aligning objects to each other on the Stage. A guide is a horizontal or vertical line you can position to align objects. Grids and guides are modifiable. You can change their visibility, position, color, and frequency. To align several elements to a grid or guide line, you first turn Snap to Grid or Snap to Guides on. Then you can drag the elements to align them to the grid or a guide. These items are invisible by default, but they can be easily turned on and adjusted. Though you see them in the Dreamweaver development environment, they are invisible on the viewable page. Use guides to align art and objects to each other on vertical or horizontal paths, or turn on the grid for use in designing a layout that is proportional and balanced.

Use the Grid

  1. Click the View menu, and then point to Grid.
  2. Select the option you want:
    • Show. Click to show or hide the grid.
    • Snap To Grid. Click to enable or disable objects aligning to a grid line.
    • Grid Settings. Click to open the Grid Settings dialog box, where you can set the grid color, settings, spacing, and display, either lines or dots.

Use Guides

  1. Click the View menu, point to Guides, and then select the options you want:
    • Show Guides. Click to show or hide the guides.
    • Snap To Guides or Guides Snap To Elements. Click to enable or disable objects aligning to guides or guides to objects.
    • Edit Guides. Click to set the guide color, distance color, and other settings.
    • Lock Guides. Click to lock the existing guides in place.
    • Clear Guides. Click to remove all guides.
  2. Move to the vertical or horizontal Ruler bar, and then click and drag into the document.
  3. Click the Select tool on the Status bar to drag existing guides to a new position (make sure Lock Guides is not selected).
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