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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Understanding Selections

When you create vector graphics in Illustrator, they are comprised of distinct segments that can be selected separately or as a whole with a variety of selection tools. The type of editing you need to perform determines which tool you use. For example, a simple rectangle is comprised of four line segments that surround the contour of the shape and one fill in the center. Each of these parts can be selected as a group with the Selection tool or individually with the Direct Selection tool. To select an object using the fill, you need to deselect the Object Selection by Path Only check box in Selection & Anchor Display preferences.

In addition to the Selection and Direct Selection tools, you can also use the Group Selection tool to select all the anchor points on a single path. With the Group Selection tool, click to select an object, click twice to select the object’s group, and click three times to select the group within the group (if available). The Group Selection tool is useful for working with multiple objects. If you want to work with an individual object without affecting other objects, it’s better to use Isolation Mode.

The Lasso tool is a classic selection tool that allows you to select path points and segments by dragging a freeform marquee around them.

The Magic Wand tool allows you to select objects of the same or a similar fill color, stroke color, stroke weight, opacity, or blending mode.

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