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Dynamic DNS

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Update Actions

The only possible actions are deleting and adding records:

update delete domain-name [class] [RR-type [RR-data...]]

The delete operation may remove all records in an RRset, all records of the specified type, or all records with the specified type and value:

update add domain-name ttl# [class] RR-type RR-data

The add operation requires a nonzero TTL value. The syntax beyond the operation keywords is identical to what you find in a zone file. As in zone files the class is optional, and the class IN is the default.

The specified updates are aggregated into one DNS update request, and it is only performed if all the given prerequisites are met. The update is atomic with regard to other possible update requesters as well, so the operation should always work as expected. One request might only test prerequisites and perform edits of one and the same zone. When performing updates in dyn.penguin.bv, only names within that zone can be tested by the prerequisites.

Some checks are performed on the update data. For example you are not allowed to add a CNAME record to a name that already has records, and likewise, you're not allowed to add anything to a domain name that already has a CNAME record.


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