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Saving Your Stuff

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Save It Again, Sam

Get used to saving a document over and over. I save about every 10 minutes or so. That way, if anything bad happens, I have a recent copy of my work saved to disk. Saving again is easy; Windows gives you several options for saving your stuff as you go:

  • Choose FileSave to save your document again.


  • Press the Ctrl+S key combination.


  • Click the Save button on the toolbar.

Save all the time! Save! Save! Save!

  • Return to your WordPad document.

As you continue the tutorial from the preceding section, you'll see that the Teleportation document needs a new paragraph. You have nothing to write this time; you just split the existing paragraph in two.

  • Position the insertion pointer at the start of the third sentence.

Click the mouse after the word machine and the period. The cursor should be blinking at the beginning of the space before the fourth sentence.

  • Press the Delete key.

This action deletes the space between the two sentences.

  • Press the Enter key.

This action creates a new paragraph, starting with "This is a wonderful...."

  • Press Ctrl+S to save.

The changes in your document are saved to disk.

  • You don't have to rename the document when you save again; Windows saves your changes to the document already on disk.

  • Had you not already saved the document, the Save As dialog box would appear. Because you've already given the document a name, however, the Save As command is not necessary.

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