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Drawing Curved Paths

To create a curved line, you click and drag with the Pen tool to create direction lines—handles that extend from each anchor point and enable you to manipulate the shape and curve of the path segments that connect anchor points. The angle of the direction line controls the shape of the curve, and the length of the direction line controls the height of the curve.

  1. With the Pen tool, click and drag to place the first anchor point and set its direction line.

  2. Click and drag again to place the second anchor point and direction lines (Figure 3.18).

  3. Continue clicking and dragging to add curves (Figure 3.19).


Direction lines anticipate the shape of the curve that follows. When you drag the direction line to begin a curve, drag in the direction the curve will take. When you finish a curve, drag away from it. This might seem counterintuitive until you realize that you also are anticipating the next curve when you drag, even if there isn't one.

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