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Drawing Objects

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Drawing Simple Lines

In addition to the shape tools, there is a Line tool, which is useful for adding callouts or pointers.

  1. Select the Line tool from the Tools palette .

  2. Click and drag to draw a line.

  3. Press the Shift key while dragging to constrain the line to 45° (45 degree) increments.

  4. Press the (Option) [Alt] key while dragging to expand the line from the center point outward.

  5. To move the line while you are drawing it, press the spacebar to move it. Release the spacebar (but not the mouse!) to continue drawing.

  6. Double-clicking the Line tool on the Tools palette displays the Stroke palette, allowing you to change the thickness and other attributes of the stroke. See "Stroking Paths" in Chapter 9, "Coloring and Transforming Objects."

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