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Creating Corner Effects

InDesign's Corner Effects dialog box makes it possible to create simple rounded-cornered rectangles as well as "fancy" cornered frames—a nice if somewhat frivolous addition. The default corner effects, like end shapes, can be supplemented by installing third-party plug-ins.

  1. Select a path.

  2. Choose Object→Corner Effects. The Corner Effects dialog box includes six corner types.

  3. Specify a size for the effect (Figure 3.43). The Size field specifies the radius of the effect.

  4. Click OK. Applying an effect does not alter a path's anchor points. The path remains editable. This means you can apply an effect and change it at any time (Figure 3.44).


If you are familiar with other applications' Rounded Rectangle tools, consider the size of a corner effect as the same as the corner radius used with that tool.


Changing a path's stroke width changes the corner effect. This is especially noticeable when the Fancy effect is applied (Figure 3.45). See Chapter 9 for details on applying stroke to paths.

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