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DS Referral

You'd like to designate the Global Catalog server for a client using DS Referral.

It is possible to specify the GC Server that the client uses for DS Referral. This setting is accessible via a Registry setting on the Exchange server. These settings can be helpful for troubleshooting, or for optimizing your performance.


    Value Name: RFR Target Server

    Value Type: STRING

    Value Data: GC-server-name

It is also possible to prevent the Exchange server from providing referrals. If this is set, Outlook 2000 clients will default to the use of DSProxy. The following is the Registry key for this feature:


    Value Name: No RFR Service

    Value Type: DWORD

    Value Data: 0x1


Two design issues can be addressed with these Registry settings. First, when a GC server goes offline, the client must be restarted to get refreshed information regarding the location of available GC servers. Second, when DSProxy is utilized; the Exchange server is making the call for the clients. This could be the best option in the event that you need to traverse a firewall or a DMZ to access a GC server.

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