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NTDSUTIL is one of the core tools for the administrators of Exchange. This utility takes the place of the ESEUTIL tool from Exchange 5.5, which replaced EDBUTIL. Using the NTDS utility, administrators can perform the following database functions:

  • Move, compact, repair, and check the integrity of the Active Directory.

  • Seize FSMO roles.

  • Clean up directory metadata.

  • Create domains.

Metadata— Data about data.

NTDSUTIL provides the extra functionality when the GUI doesn't meet an administrator's needs. This utility is very helpful for the administrator that needs to analyze or maintain the core directory structure. Examples of utilization are

  • Recovery of the directory after errors occur

  • Reclaiming disk space by compacting white space

  • Cleaning up the Active Directory after making architectural changes, such as the removal of a Domain Controller from the network

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