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Design Goals

The first design goal for Exchange 2000 Server was to improve the reliability, scalability, and performance of the overall platform. The total cost of ownership has been lowered through easier administration and integration with Windows 2000, especially the integration of Active Directory. Exchange 2000 provides superior reliability and end-user accessibility through advances in database technology and clustering. Exchange 2000 also fully leverages the Active Directory to provide a unified infrastructure for users, messaging, and network resource administration.

Collaboration and workflow capabilities shape the second design goal for Exchange 2000 Server. Exchange Server is a powerful collaboration platform that supports a broad range of collaborative activities, including group scheduling, team customer and task lists, document routing, and discussion groups. Exchange Server is also used to create leading edge workflow and tracking applications such as expense reporting, customer interaction management, and issue tracking. Exchange 2000 significantly expands the Exchange infrastructure for collaboration and business applications through its use of its Web Storage System. The Web Store is a new way to access the data in the information store that promises to increase the productivity of the knowledge worker.

Web Store (a.k.a. WebStore)—Web Storage System.

The database architecture in Exchange 2000 which exposes all of its data through MAPI, HTTP, OLE DB, and Win32 layers.

The third, and perhaps most compelling design goal centers around access to the data contained within Exchange. Access to information across virtual barriers is critical to the success of the knowledge worker, who needs to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently from anywhere in the world. Exchange 2000 Server establishes a foundation for types of collaboration and communication through real-time data and videoconferencing and instant messaging with presence information. Currently, unified messaging vendors are building solutions for Exchange Server and Exchange 2000 that add important new capabilities for accessing email and other Web Store System content from a myriad of devices. Support for a wide range of devices makes it easier for knowledge workers to remain productive wherever they are. To make it even easier to access Web Storage System information, the Outlook Web Access client has been remarkably enhanced as well.

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