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Distributed Configurations

Exchange 2000 Server enables system architects to host the different Exchange subsystems on different servers for scalability up to millions of users. The protocol, storage, and directory subsystems can be separated across multiple servers. This technology is most interesting for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Application Service Providers (ASPs) because they require a scalable messaging platform for the reselling of services. The same flexibility will provide new alternatives for large deployments of Exchange by allowing the customization of the system architecture to expand and contract with corporate acquisition and growth.

Exchange 2000 Server can be implemented in a front-end and back-end configuration, allowing users to connect to front-end servers while accessing messages and collaboration data on separate back-end servers. This separation of processes allows for the architecture of highly available configurations that are extremely scalable. The developments in Storage Area Networks, such as Compaq's StorageWorks product line, can now be fully leveraged by Exchange 2000.

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