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Unaccepting Accepted Changes

What if I accept a change but later decide I want the original value back?

Excel has no "undo change" function (as Word does). However, Excel still remembers the last change made to a cell, even after you accept a change in it. Hover your mouse over the cell to see a ScreenTip that lists the last change. You can use this information to retype the value you want into the cell. It's unfortunate that this process isn't more automatic, but at least there is a way to restore original values.


After you close a worksheet in which changes were tracked, the next time you open the worksheet, the change indicators don't appear. This is because Excel assumes you want to see changes only since the last time you saved. To see all your changes, choose Tools, Track Changes, Highlight Changes. Then, click the arrow at the end of the When box and choose All. Click OK. Change indicators appear for all changes made to the worksheet.

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