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Workshop: Customize a Theme

The last project for this hour is to express your patriotism by developing a patriotic theme devoted to a country and the colors of its flag. If you're not feeling patriotic at the moment, your project is to express someone else's patriotism.

Take one of the existing themes and save a copy of it as Patriotic or a comparably inspiring name. Any of the themes can be used for this purpose, though some of the more generic themes such as Blank are probably the best choices.

Using this new theme, make each of the following changes:

  • The predominant color of the theme should match the darkest color of the country's flag.

  • The background color should match the lightest color of the flag.

  • Hyperlinks should match a third color of the flag.

Some artistic license might be required if you're patriotic about a country with a one-color or two-color flag.

After setting the colors, select two new fonts that suit the theme—one for body text and the other for each heading. These fonts should be relatively common if you're going to employ the theme on your own Webs. Otherwise, you can take more liberties.


Figure 3.8 shows a version of the Patriotic theme created for the Republic of Palau, an island chain that's home to 16,000 people in the Pacific.

The first step was choosing a theme to start with—Network was selected because it is relatively plain, making it easy to customize.

Figure 3.8 A page featuring a new Patriotic theme.

Before making any changes, Network was saved under a new name by clicking Modify in the Themes dialog box and clicking Save As. A dialog box opened where Patriotic could be selected.

The flag of Palau is a bright yellow circle on blue. Light blue was selected as the background color for pages, yellow was used for banners, and dark green was used for hyperlinks.

The fonts on the page also were customized: Comic Sans MS was used for headings and Arial was used for body text.

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