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Changing Unordered List Properties

To change the type of bullet used in the unordered list edit the list properties. Only three characters are available for unordered lists—discs, circles, and squares. If you want to create nested unordered lists, you can indicate a different character for each level.

  1. Position the cursor in the list where you want to change the bullet type used.

  2. Select TextfiListfiProperties to display the List Properties dialog box.

  3. Figure 5.6

  4. Select Bulleted List from the List Type pull-down menu.

  5. Select a bullet style from the Style pull-down menu. The style you select will apply to all bullets in the current level.

  6. Select a bullet style from the New Style pull-down menu if you want to change the bullet style from the current line forward. This change, however, does not affect bullets preceding the current line.

  7. Click OK to change the bullet character. Click within the first level (no indent) to change all the first-level bullet types or the bullet type from that point forward. If your cursor is positioned within an indented level, only the bullets in that level are affected.

  8. Figure 5.7

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