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How the Introduction Works

When the preloading process has finished, the play head is sent to the keyframe labeled loadDone in the Main Timeline of the Preloader scene. This label is present so that you can easily see where the Preloader ends and the Introduction section begins. A text message fades in and zooms out to confirm that the movie is loaded. At the same time, a blue background tweens and fades in from the right side of the Stage, and a green background tweens and fades in from the bottom of the Stage. The soundtrack then begins to play and two 3-D animations play to the right and left of the text message. A button that controls the soundtrack appears in the bottom left corner; to the right is a button that skips to the main content area. As the intro plays, a series of 10 quotes fly randomly across the Stage from left to right. The Introduction continues for approximately seventeen seconds and then automatically goes to the Main scene—the home page itself.

As with the Preloader, we focus on certain layers. In the Preloader scene, you'll see the layer Loaded Text in the Main Timeline. This layer contains the text animation of the word "Loaded" which lets the users know that all of the frames are loaded and the play head is moving through the Timeline. This isn't a Movie Clip, but rather a simple Motion Tween across 10 frames. Below the Loaded Text layer is the Random Quotes layer. This layer contains the Movie Clip that generates the random quotes that move across the Stage at run time. The next layers of interest are the Right Animation and Left Animation layers each containing an instance of the 3-D_Animation Movie Clip. This Movie Clip is composed of a series of single-frame images that are rotated slightly in each successive frame to create the illusion that the metal washer is spinning. It works on the same principle as an animated .gif file. Next is the Go to Main Button layer containing the button that enables the user to skip the Introduction, if desired. Below that is the Sound On/Off layer that contains the button allowing the user to turn the soundtrack on and off. Next are the Blue Background and Green Background layers. These layers contain the color fields that tween in at the beginning of the Introduction. The play head plays through this section of the Timeline until it reaches the frames that contain the home page section itself in the Main scene.

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