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Setting the Page Background Color

You are not stuck with the dreary gray default background color that appears in some browsers when no color is specified.

To Do: Changing the Page Background

GoLive makes it very easy for you to change the page background color in the Layout mode:

  1. Open the Page Inspector, if it is not already open, by selecting Window, Inspector from the menu.

  2. Click the small Page icon at the top left of the Document window.

  3. In the Page Inspector, you will see the word Background and under it the word Color. Clicking the color field next to it will open the Color palette.

  4. Click on a color to apply it to the page background.

You can also apply a background color to a page by dragging and dropping a color chip from the Color palette onto the Page icon at the top left of the Document window.


You may also use a background image on your HTML page. For directions on how to place an image in the background of your page please see Hour 5, "Using Graphics on Your Web Page."

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