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The next several modules implement algorithms and interfaces that are mainly useful for multimedia applications.


The audioop module manipulates raw audio data, such as samples and fragments.


The imageop module manipulates raw image data by operating on images consisting of 8- or 32-bit pixels stored in Python strings.


The aifc module is devoted to audio file access for AIFF and AIFC formats. This module offers support for reading and writing files in those formats.


The sunau module provides an interface to read and write files in the Sun AU sound format.


The wave module provides an interface to read and write files in the WAV sound format. It doesn't support compression/decompression, but it supports mono/stereo channels.


The chunk module provides an interface for reading files that use EA IFF 85 data chunks. This format is used in the AIFF/AIFF-C, RMFF, and TIFF formats.


The colorsys module defines bidirectional conversions of color values between colors expressed in RGB and three other coordinate systems: YIQ, HLS, and HSV.


The rgbimg module allows Python programs to read and write SGI imglib .rgb files—without requiring an SGI environment.


The imghdr module determines the type of an image contained in a file or byte stream.


The sndhdr module implements functions that try to identify the type of sound contained in a file.

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