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Project: Setting Up a Development Environment

konqueror's capability to display many panes simultaneously is useful for much more than just Web browsing. It can also enable you to make very efficient use of your desktop. When I want to make quick modifications to my Web pages, I often need two terminal windows (one for vi and one to run commands) and a browser. Working on a laptop where screen real estate is very valuable, three separate windows use up far too much space with all their frames, menu bars, and widgets. Luckily, konqueror lets me make the most efficient use of my available space, as shown in Figure 3.13.

Figure 3.13
konqueror can pack a lot of work space into a small screen.

Setting up this environment is easy. Here are the steps I use:

  1. Open a konqueror window by clicking the Home button on the panel.

  2. Maximize the window.

  3. Click Window, Show Terminal Emulator.

  4. Click Window, New View on Right.

  5. Get rid of the Button bar and Location bar by clicking their handles (on the far left of each bar).

  6. Resize the panels as desired using the sizing bars between the windows.

  7. Run vi (or emacs -nw if you prefer), in the right panel.

  8. In the left browser panel, press Ctrl+O to open the location of your applet.

  9. In the lower panel, use your compiler and other simple command-line tools.

  10. Click Window, Save/Remove View Profile to save this profile.

  11. Enter a profile name, and select Save window size in profile. Then click Save.

Now, whenever you want to get back to this profile, simply bring up a konqueror window and select Window, Load View Profile, and your profile's name. Note that I've saved even more space by hiding the panel at the bottom (by clicking the hide button on the right), and getting rid of the desktop menu (Control Center, Look & Feel, Desktop, General).

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