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Halting Program Execution


You want to stop program execution for a couple of seconds or microseconds.


Use PHP's sleep() and usleep() functions, depending on how long you want your program to stop execution:

print "Hello World";
sleep(5); // Sleep 5 seconds
print "This was done 5 seconds later";
usleep(70); // Sleep 70 microseconds
print "This was done 5 seconds and 70 microseconds after the first Hello


The sleep() and the usleep() functions both make system calls to the sleep() function. However, the usleep() function converts the sleep time, like so:

sleep((int) (useconds / 1000));

Sleeping is sometimes useful if you are working with sockets, or you are writing a daemon (CGI version of PHP only) that performs operations at regular intervals of time. (This usually can and should be done with cron.)

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