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The Workshop area is meant to reinforce your reading with a series of questions and exercises. The answers can be found in Appendix A, "Quiz Answers."


  1. What characters should be used in filenames?

  2. What's an easy way to find documents that haven't been titled?

  3. What option needs to be set for the UltraDev FTP client to connect to a remote server from within a masqueraded (private) network?

  4. How do you make a list of all the external links on your Web site?

  5. What system is necessary for keeping other users from editing your files while you're using them?


  1. Design a site map for a company Web site—including news, links, contact information, and products.

  2. Set up your site map within the UltraDev environment without actually building the pages. Create all the links between the pages.

  3. Deploy the skeleton Web site on your Web server. Activate the Check In and Check Out system and start editing the content.

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