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capability to separate the recyclable layer from the nonrecyclable layers. Even though it is technologically possible to separate the layers, the claim is not adequately qualified to avoid consumer deception. An appropriately qualified claim is: “Includes material recyclable in the few communities that collect multilayer products.’’ Other examples of adequate qualification of the claim include providing the number of communities with programs, or the percentage of communities or the population to which programs are available.

Example 8

A product is marketed as having a “recyclable’’ container. The product is distributed and advertised only in Missouri. Collection sites for recycling the container are available to a substantial majority of Missouri residents, but are not yet available nationally. Because programs are generally available where the product is marketed, the unqualified claim does not deceive consumers about the limited availability of recycling programs.

Example 9

A manufacturer of one-time use photographic cameras, with dealers in a substantial majority of communities, collects those cameras through all of its dealers. After the exposed film is removed for processing, the manufacturer reconditions the cameras for resale and labels them as follows: “Recyclable through our dealership network.” This claim is not deceptive, even though the cameras are not recyclable through conventional curbside or drop-off recycling programs.

Example 10

A manufacturer of toner cartridges for laser printers has established a recycling program to recover its cartridges exclusively through its nationwide dealership network. The company advertises its cartridges nationally as “Recyclable. Contact your local dealer for details.” The company’s dealers participating in the recovery program are located in a significant number—but not a substantial majority—of communities. The “recyclable” claim is deceptive unless it contains one of the qualifiers set forth in Example 4. If participating dealers are located in only a few communities, the claim should be qualified, as indicated in Example 6.

Example 11

An aluminum beverage can bears the statement “Please Recycle.” This statement is likely to convey to consumers that the package is recyclable.

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