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companies thought of themselves as railroads, not as travel companies or transportation companies. And transportation was changing. We all know that in the United States traveling by rail has become almost a thing of the past. Railroad companies didn’t adapt to what was happening in the environment. However, in Europe we see a different picture. The industry moved to provide high-speed trains, and first-class cabins.

In today’s times, adapting to change is a relevant and powerful brand attribute. Personally, how adept are you to dealing with change? There’s a great book called Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life by Dr. Spencer Johnson that encourages people and companies to not only love change but also to anticipate and to drive change. I think this is a brand attribute that will grow in importance in the global economy.

We need to always look at the marketplace to anticipate the next change. Embrace change as one of your personal brand attributes. In Figure o2.3, you can track your progress over time. Just as a product brand takes time to morph, set the right expectations with your personal brand. Here you see some samples on each of the critical elements of brand. It is shown only to illustrate how you might manage your brand.

Figure 3

Figure o2.3 The evolving personal branding.

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