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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Cropping and Rotating a Picture

You can crop clip art to isolate just one portion of the picture. Because clip art uses vector image technology, you can crop even the smallest part of it and then enlarge it, and the clip art will still be recognizable. You can also crop bitmapped pictures, but if you enlarge the area you cropped, you lose picture detail. Use the Crop button to crop an image by hand. You can also crop using the Format Picture dialog box, which gives you precise control over the dimensions of the area you want to crop. You can also rotate a picture by increments or freehand.

Crop a Picture Quickly

  • yellow-circle-01.gif Click the picture you want to crop.
  • yellow-circle-02.gif Click the Formatting Palette tab on the Toolbox.
  • yellow-circle-03.gif Click the Picture panel to expand it.
  • yellow-circle-04.gif Click the Crop button.
  • yellow-circle-05.gif Drag the sizing handles until the borders surround the area you want to crop.
  • yellow-circle-06.gif Click outside the image when you are finished.

Rotate a Picture

  • yellow-circle-01.gif Click the object you want to rotate.
  • yellow-circle-02.gif Position the pointer (which changes to the Free Rotate pointer) over the green rotate lever at the top of the object, and then drag to rotate the object.

    • You can also use the Rotation button on the Size, Rotation, and Ordering panel on the Formatting Palette tab, or click the Format button on the Picture panel and use the Rotation dial under Size in the Format Picture dialog box.
  • yellow-circle-03.gif Click outside the object to set the rotation.

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