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Introducing the Movies Guide

Unlike the Program Guide you learned about in Chapter 4, “Viewing and Recording Live TV,” the Movies Guide has movies—and nothing but movies. The Movies Guide takes full advantage of today’s widescreen displays to show movie titles by poster or packaging (Figure 5.2).

Figure 5.2

Figure 5.2 The Movies Guide’s On Now menu.

You can find your favorite films in a variety of ways:

  • Want to watch a movie right now? Open the On Now menu (also shown in Figure 5.2); it lists films that are currently being broadcast on the movie-oriented TV channels in your program guide.
  • Can’t find a movie to watch right now? Check out the On Next menu: It lists films that will be broadcast right after the films listed in the On Now menu.


To learn how to use Parental Controls in Windows Media Center, see the “Parental Controls” section, Chapter 4, p. 130.

If you’re more systematic in your movie watching, use one of the following menu options:

  • Want to watch a western? Cuddle up with your sweetheart for a romantic evening? Relive history? Dive into the Genres menu (Figure 5.3) to start exploring.
    Figure 5.3

    Figure 5.3 Some of the genres in the Genres menu.

  • If you prefer the best in moviemaking, go straight to the Top Rated menu: It lists only three- and four-star movies (Figure 5.4).
    Figure 5.4

    Figure 5.4 Selecting a film from the Top Rated menu.

You can select a film as soon as you open the menu containing the film, but it does take a few moments (or longer) to display poster or package graphics. Some older or independent films might not have a suitable graphic, so only the title is shown.

When you click a film, the title, release date channel number and name, and broadcast date and time are shown below the thumbnail (refer to Figure 5.4). The numbers at the lower-right corner of the screen indicate the total number of films in the current menu or submenu and the current selection.

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