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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Finding and Watching Video

iPhone is a great way to enjoy video content as well, such as movies or TV shows, while you’re on the move. Like music and other content, the first step is to find the video you want to watch. Then you use iPhone’s video tools to watch that video.

>>>step-by-step: Finding Video

Finding video content on iPhone is similar to finding the other kinds of content we’ve already discussed.

  1. On the Home screen, press the iPod button.
  2. Press Videos. The Videos screen appears, showing you the video content on iPhone.
  3. Scroll the screen to see all the video content, which is organized by type, such as Movies, TV Shows, and Music Videos. Content you haven’t watched yet is marked with a blue dot.
  4. To watch a movie, an episode of a TV series, or a music video, press it and rotate the iPhone clockwise or counter-clockwise. The screen rotates, and the content begins to play.
  5. Watch and control the video; see the next section for details of controlling video.

Watching Video

When you play video, it is always oriented in landscape mode so that it can fill the screen.

  1. Press the video you are watching. The video controls appear.
  2. Drag the playhead to the right to move ahead or to the left to move backward.
  3. Press the Scale button to scale the video to fit the screen or to show it in its native scale. After a few seconds, the video controls disappear.
  4. When you’re done watching, press Done. You move back to the Videos screen.

Deleting Video

Because it takes up a lot of space, video is the only content you can delete from iPhone.

  1. Move to the Videos screen.
  2. Drag left or right on the video you want to delete. The Delete button appears.
  3. Press Delete. A warning prompt appears.
  4. Press Delete again to delete the video or Cancel to keep it.
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