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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using the iTunes Store Application to Add Audio and Video to iPhone

You can use the iTunes Store application to download audio content from the iTunes Store directly onto iPhone, where you can play it just like content you’ve moved onto iPhone using iTunes. The next time you sync iPhone, the content you purchase is moved into your iTunes Library so you can enjoy it there, too.

>>>step-by-step: Downloading Audio Content from iPhone’s iTunes Store Application

To add audio content from the iTunes Store directly onto the iPhone, you use the iTunes application.

  1. Move to the iPhone’s Home screen.
  2. Press the iTunes button. You move to the iTunes Store application. At the bottom of the screen, you choose how you want to look for content by pressing one of the following buttons: Featured shows featured content in the store, Top Tens takes you to various top ten lists, and Search enables you to search for content. The Featured area breaks down content into New Releases, What’s Hot, and Genres tabs. The Top Tens categories show you various top ten lists; you press a list to see its content. The rest of these steps explain how to use the Search tool because using Featured or Top Tens is straightforward; you simply press on content in which you are interested.
  3. Press Search. The Search tool appears.
  4. Press the Search box. The keyboard appears.
  5. Type search criteria, such as an artist’s name or song title. As you type, content that matches your search appears under the Search box.
  6. When you see something of interest on the results list, press it. For example, press an artist’s name. You see a list of content related to your search.
  7. To explore the contents of an album, press it. At the top of the screen, you see the album’s general information, such as when it was released and how many songs it contains. In the lower part of the window, you see the tracks on that album.
  8. Drag your finger up or down the screen to see the entire list of tracks.
  9. To preview a track, press it. A 30-second preview plays. While it’s playing, the track’s number is replaced by the Stop button, which you can press to stop the preview.
  10. To buy an album, press its Buy button, which shows the price of the album. The button becomes the Buy Now button.
  11. To buy a song, press its Buy button, which shows the price of the song. The button becomes the Buy Now button.
  12. Press the Buy Now button. You see the iTunes Password prompt.
  13. Enter the password for your iTunes Store account.
  14. Press OK. You move back to the screen showing the content you are purchasing; an indicator appears over the Downloads button to show you how many tracks are being downloaded to iPhone.
  15. Press Downloads. You move to the Downloads screen where you see the details about the tracks you are purchasing, including the amount of time the downloads will take to finish. When the process is complete, the Downloads screen becomes empty. This indicates that the content you purchased has been added to iPhone and is ready for your listening pleasure.
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