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What You Need to Watch Digital TV

It’s simple. To receive DTV broadcasts, you need a TV tuner capable of receiving digital signals.

Most older TVs, unfortunately, do not have digital tuners. Tuners in older sets can only receive current analog broadcasts, on traditional channels 2 to 68.

TVs sold in the past year or so, however, have to include digital tuners. This type of tuner is completely ready for the new digital broadcasts; all you have to do is punch in the right channel numbers for the digital program you want to watch.

If you have an older TV with an analog tuner, you can also receive digital transmissions by using a digital-to-analog converter box. This piece of equipment contains its own digital tuner to receive digital transmissions; the digital signals are then converted to analog signals and fed to your TV’s analog tuner. You connect the input of the converter box to your antenna and the output to the input of your television set. You then turn your TV to channel 3 or 4 (depending on the box) and leave it there. You change channels using the tuner in the converter box.

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