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Getting Help

You can access Facebook's help files by clicking the Help link at the bottom right of any page. Clicking the link opens the page shown in Figure 1.33.

Figure 1.33

Figure 1.33 The help page.

Note in particular the Getting Started Guide link at the top of the help page. That link used to be the first thing you saw on your home page—until recently, when Facebook moved it to the help page.

The Getting Started Guide, shown in Figure 1.34, is a fine resource for new Facebook users.

Figure 1.34

Figure 1.34 The Getting Started Guide.

In the guide, you'll find information on—most important in Facebook—how to find friends, how to search for coworkers and classmates, and how to search by name. You'll also find a tour of what Facebook has to offer; it's extremely useful to new Facebook users.

In other words, the Getting Started Guide is highly recommended.

The rest of the help system is set up as a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list. For example, selecting the Friends and Networks link in Figure 1.33 takes you to the friends FAQ.

Questions in the friends FAQ function as links to explanatory articles:

  • How do I add a friend?
  • How do I suggest a friend to someone?
  • Is there a way to cancel a friend request?
  • If I ignore a friend request, will they find out?
  • How do I remove a friend?
  • If I remove someone as a friend, will they be notified?
  • Who shows up in the "friends box" on my profile?

FAQs are fine, but if you're like me, you want to be able to contact someone in case your question isn't in the FAQs (although, they are pretty thorough). You can contact a real person for help at http://www.facebook.com/help/contact_generic.php, as shown in Figure 1.35.

Figure 1.35

Figure 1.35 Contacting a real person for help.

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