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This chapter is from the book

The Absolute Minimum

  • Spam is unsolicited commercial email or electronic junk mail.
  • SPAM is canned meat from Hormel.
  • Spammers send massive volumes of email because they make money at it. Someone, somewhere, buys the products they advertise.
  • Spam is an effective distribution method for scams and malware.
  • A spammer's computer can be blocked but it's easy for him to evade this by changing his computer's IP address, the numerical address used to identify his computer on the Internet.
  • Spam is free to send but costs recipients time, productivity, money, and aggravation.
  • Never respond to spam.
  • Never post your main email address to the web. Instead, use an alternate email for web forums, subscriptions, and the like.
  • Use the junk mail filters in Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Mail.
  • Install an anti-spam program. I recommend Cloudmark Desktop.
  • Fight back by reporting spam to the spammer's ISP.
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