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Theory to Practice: Building Your Own Agile Practice Adoption Strategy

Answer the following questions to build an adoption strategy. (Use the answers from the Chapter 3 and 4 exercises here.) Also read Chapters 45 and 46 for real-world examples of how this might be done.)

  1. What are your goals for adopting Agile practices? Do you want to alleviate smells or add business value? Be specific. If you have more than one goal, prioritize them.
  2. Take readings of the current business value(s) and smell(s) you want to address. Don't worry if they are subjective or fuzzy. Know, to the best of your ability, where your organization is today with respect to business values and smells.
  3. Choose an adoption strategy. Choose practices using that strategy to adopt.
  4. Read the next chapter, which introduces the patterns. Then start following the steps outlined in this chapter to adopt your first practice. Don't forget to periodically take readings of your business value/smell to make sure the practice is effective.
  5. Congratulations and good luck! Youve started on your path to Agile practice adoption!
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