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What Makes Management Endorse a Disaster Recovery Plan?

At its most basic level, management needs to only know four things in order to decide whether or not to fund your plan. This list should look familiar from last month’s article:

  • What can happen? (Fire, flood, hurricane, sabotage, etc.)
  • What is the probability that it will happen? (Expressed best in percent probability of the event in a given year.)
  • What does it cost when it happens? (Think in terms of lost sales, market share, employee productivity, and customer confidence.)
  • What does preventing it cost? (Present a high-level overview of the proposed protective system, procedure, or function.)

There is a possible fifth question you can also address:

  • What are the other factors? (Consider legal liability, government requirements, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.)

Let’s address the first two questions one at a time. (We’ll get to the other questions in the next part of this series.)

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