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Using a Dynamic Page Template

After you create a dynamic Web template, you can apply, or attach, the template to an open Web page. When you attach a dynamic Web template to a Web page, Expression Web tries to map regions on the ordinary Web page to editable regions in the template. If you don’t like the initial mapping, you can modify or skip it. After you attach a dynamic Web template to an ordinary Web page, you can modify non-editable regions in Code view, or any editor other than Design view to create updatable content.

Attach a Dynamic Web Template

  • yelllow01.jpg Display the Web page in which you want to apply a dynamic page template.
  • yelllow02.jpg Click the Format menu, point to Dynamic Web Template, and then click Attach Dynamic Web Template.
  • yelllow03.jpg Locate and select the dynamic Web template you want to apply.
  • yelllow04.jpg Click Open.
  • yelllow05.jpg Select which regions in the new page will receive content/regions from the old page.
  • yelllow06.jpg Click Modify, select a new mapping, and then click OK.
  • yelllow07.jpg Click OK to attach the template.
  • yelllow08.jpg Click Close.

Update a Dynamic Web Template

  • yelllow01.jpg Open the dynamic Web page template, and then make the changes you want to update on other pages.
  • yelllow02.jpg Click the Format menu, and then point to Dynamic Web Template.
  • yelllow03.jpg Click the update command you want.
    • Update Selected Page
    • Update All Pages
    • Update Attached Pages
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