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Customizing the Navigation Pane



The Navigation pane (New!) provides links to commonly used folders and saved searches to reduce the number of clicks it takes to locate a file or folder. Windows Vista provides a default list of favorite links including Documents, Pictures, Music, Recently Changed, and Searches. You can customize the Navigation pane to include the folders or saved searches you want for your everyday use. You can move current links, add or rename folders or save searches, or remove an item. If the Navigation pane gets cluttered, you can restore it back to the original default items and start from there.

Customize the Navigation Pane

  • Move a link. Drag an item in the Navigation pane to a higher or lower position.

  • Add a link. Drag an item from its original location to a position on the Navigation pane. This includes folders from the Folder list at the bottom of the Navigation pane.

  • Rename a link. Right-click the item, and then click Rename. Type a new name, and then press Enter. The original folder or search is not renamed, only the Navigation link.

  • Remove a link. Right-click the item, and then click Remove Link. The original folder or search is not removed, only the Navigation link.

  • Restore default links. Right-click a blank area of the Navigation pane, and then click Restore Default Favorite Links.

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