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5 Easy Steps to Using Virtualization Technology

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Do you think virtualization is a technology solely for the data center? If you're a programmer, do you always wait to be granted access to specialized servers? The present generation of virtualization tools makes it possible for anyone to accommodate Linux machines inside the Windows desktop. This allows the safest and most intimate server access for IT administrators and programmers alike. Stephen Morris describes some ways to get up to speed quickly with VMware and incorporate it into your everyday work.
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Crowded Data Centers and Service-Rich Software

The success of the present generation of computer technology has been outstanding; few industries remain untouched by computer technology. However, the massive proliferation of technology has left two large footprints: one in the data center and the other in the increasingly service-rich software that we all use.

The data center footprint is easy to understand: Modern data centers are typically bursting at the seams with a combination of machines and cables. Why is there such a density of power-hungry technology? Because we demand access to an increasingly wide range of content and computing resources. Data center managers are having to become very creative in the way they deploy servers and software, and virtualization is a key technology.

Modern software applications need to access a growing range of specialized servers: networks, servers, databases, directories, etc. In many cases, particularly in the telecom field, programmers don’t have access (or have limited access) to specialized servers during development—but the necessary access and business logic still must be created in time for the software release!

Virtualization technology can provide server access throughout development. The technology of virtualization was once very specialized, but today you’re just a couple of downloads away from seeing how easy it is to deploy the most advanced virtualized solutions.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, let’s briefly examine why so many people are talking about virtualization.

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