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Managing Catalogs

The Catalog Manager makes it easy to work with the different catalogs you may have on your computer. In the Catalog Manager, catalogs are organized in different ways: accessible by all users, accessible by the current user, and custom location. When you select one of these options, the catalogs related with the option appear below in the list. After you select a catalog, you can use the buttons in the Catalog Manager to rename, move, remove, optimize (re-builds data for efficiency), and repair (corrects structure errors) it for better use.

Manage Catalogs

  • 1.jpg In the Organizer, click the File menu, and then click Catalog.
  • 2.jpg Select one of the catalog options:
    • Catalogs Accessible by All Users. Displays catalogs for all users.

    • Catalogs Accessible by the Current User. Displays catalogs for only the current user.

    • Custom Location. Displays catalogs in the specified location.

  • 3.jpg Select one of the catalog options:
    • Rename. Click Rename, type a name, and then click OK.

    • Move. Click Move, select a catalog option to switch to, and then click OK.

    • Remove. Click Remove, and then click Yes to confirm.

    • Optimize. Click Optimize to optimize the catalog, and then click OK upon completion.

    • Repair. Click Repair to repair the catalog. If no problems, click OK or Repair Anyway.

    • Convert. Click Convert to convert catalogs with previous versions of Photoshop Elements.

  • 4.jpg Click Cancel.
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