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  1. iPhone Cases
  2. Headphone Adapters
  3. Other Essential iPhone Add-Ons
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Other Essential iPhone Add-Ons

Beyond cases and headphone adapters, there are three must-have accessories for many iPhone owners.

Power Support Crystal Film Set

If you buy no other accessory for the iPhone, consider the Crystal Film Set because it protects the iPhone’s screen from scratches (and nobody wants that beautiful screen marred by a single scratch, no matter how small).

The clear film attaches and sticks to the iPhone using static cling and can be removed for cleaning and reapplied. It covers the entire face of the iPhone and doesn’t interfere with the operation of the touch screen.

The set comes with two protective films and is a great complement to most iPhone cases (which protect against bumps or drops, but not scratches).

An anti-glare version is also available.

Griffin Powerjolt Car Charger

Griffin’s Powerjolt can charge your iPhone using your car’s cigarette lighter (or power port, as some automakers now call it).

The Powerjolt isn’t just for the iPhone, however. It can work with multiple devices, including the iPhone and iPod.

The charger itself has a USB port on it that can be attached to virtually any device that can be charged through USB, which makes it a great choice for not just the iPhone but also many other mobile devices.

Apple Bluetooth Headset

For the ultimate in hands-free iPhone operating, there is Apple’s Bluetooth headset. The headset is probably one of the smallest available and is more comfortable than many.

It also offers the option of viewing the headset’s battery level on the iPhone. The headset comes with an iPhone dock capable of charging both the headset and the iPod at the same time, as well as a special travel dock/cable for doing the same thing.

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